Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Flat Braid" Square Joining Method

"Flat Braid" Square Joining Method
Directions for this simple square follow the joining illustrations
by Priscilla Hewitt

1. (Ch 3, skip next st, sc in the next st)  all around
first square, working (ch 3, sc) 2 times in each corner.

2. Second square - Work as for first square on two
sides, stopping at one sc in a corner.

3. Ch 2, drop yarn, insert hook from top into any corner
on the first square

4. Pick up dropped stitch

5. Pull st up through corner space on first square

6. Ch 1, sc in the same corner space on the second square

7. Ch 2, drop stitch, insert hook from the top into
the next ch-3 space on the first square

8. Pick up dropped stitch

9. Pull stitch up through ch-3 space on the first square

10. Ch 1, skip next st on the second square, sc in
the next st on the second square

11. Repeat steps 7-10 across, then repeat steps
3-6 for corner. Continue working (ch 3, skip next st,
sc in next st around last side of second square.
Fasten off.

12. Join third square to the second square in the same way.

13. To join fourth square, work step 2 along one side only,
then join the next side to the third square, and the following side
to the first square, finishing last side as in step 11.

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